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Stargazing: Ribeiro Trade Rumors All But Dead?

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Last Thursday and Friday, the trade anticipation was so great that I was hesitant to leave my desk at work for long periods of time, asking our other writers here to stay alert on any breaking news or Twitter rumors, etc. As the Draft actually started on Friday, the Ribeiro frenzy died down and the focus went back to where it belonged: On the kids in Los Angeles, but we still felt that the team would likely have a different look to it on Monday morning.

Clearly we were a little wrong about that, as was everyone else. It was a pretty quiet weekend on the trade front. So what now? Go back on high alert? Or assume there isn't appropriate value to be had for Ribeiro (or anyone else) and resign ourselves to the roster being exactly the same next season as it was the last? The answer lies somewhere between, I hope. This roster just can't come back the same way, but nothing seems imminent.

One thing is for sure: Free Agency doesn't concern us much. It didn't concern us last season, and it doesn't concern us this season. The biggest news I am personally hoping for this week is a James Neal contract extension and/or a Nick Grossman extension, and even those numbers get pretty dicey when weighed against the now famous internal budget.

Meanwhile, Jack Campbell news isn't slowing down a bit. The distinction of the World Junior Championship, being the first American taken in the draft, and being the first goaltender taken in the draft are proving to be quite the content gold mine on the interwebs. This kid has some star power... [pun not intended]


You'll love this. Campbell thought the Stars were going to take one of those D-men as well... [Por Huron Times Herald]

"My nerves were building," Campbell said. "There were going to be a couple of trades to try and get me at eight, but I kept sliding down a bit and saw (defensemen Cam) Fowler and (Brandon) Gormley, two of the biggest names in the draft falling, and I thought Dallas was going to pick one of them. When I heard my name, it went from being as disappointed as ever to being the highest I've been in my life."

Campbell was the first American-born player selected, as well as the first goaltender. He also is leaving for a prospect camp this week. "It's a dream come true," Campbell said. "It's a great organization. It was one of the ones I wanted to go to most, with (longtime Dallas goaltender and current free agent) Marty Turco being my inspiration."

After the jump, should the Stars have drafted Bill Gallacher's kid? And Nieuwendyk video...


Campbell interview at Yahoo Sports...

3. In your mind, what would scouts say you have to work on between now and when you’ll be on the cusp of turning pro?

"I would say my patience when it comes to making the first save and the recovery. It’s technical, but that’s what comes to mind. It’s about making the first save and staying down. I get too excited and I want the puck too bad sometimes so I don’t use the proper recovery. In the world juniors, as you saw, I was really scrambly against Canada. I’ve really learned from that, worked hard and now I’ve eliminated that problem."


Mike Modano continues to twist the dagger further in my chest as he names Pacific Division teams as places he would go...[Dallas Morning News]

On possibly playing for another team next season: I can't say that wouldn't happen, but for me to go to a different team, it has to be an organization that I'm very familiar with. That way I would feel comfortable.

So not only would I have to see him at the AAC in another sweater, but I'd have to see him 3 times? Bleah.

On which organizations he feels familiar with: There are several teams out West: Phoenix , San Jose , Anaheim and LA. I know a lot of the players and coaches of these teams because we've played them so much.

And check out this one, entitled "Stars icon Mike Modano may hang up skates." That's a real story. They worked hard on that one.


Joe Nieuwendyk wants you to know why he did what he did...


Ben Gallacher, son of Bill Gallacher, was chosen in the 4th round by the Florida Panthers. Bill Gallacher of course is the Calgary billionaire who is reported to be in the running to purchase the Dallas Stars from Tom Hicks.

Gallacher’s son Ben was drafted by the Florida Panthers in the fourth round, 93rd overall. Ben is a defenseman with the Camrose Kodiaks of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. The entire Gallacher family was on hand at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to hear Ben’s name called by the Panthers.

"The entire was family was so thrilled, the friends we’re with were excited as well. But of course the most excited was Benjamin," said Bill Gallacher. "He’s worked extremely hard to get to this point, and knows there's still lots of work ahead for him. He’s put in the time and effort, he has the desire and the will, and that’s what’s taken him so far in his career." [From the Portland Winterhawks]

Do you think picking his son would have greased the wheels a little bit...maybe get this thing moving along a little quicker?

Probably not. But it's fun to dream.