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The Stars Select: Jack Campbell (1st Round, 11th Overall)

Meet the newest face of the Dallas Stars future?  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Meet the newest face of the Dallas Stars future? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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Jack Campbell

Team: US National Development (USHL)
Born: Janurary 9, 1992
Hometown: Port Huron, Michigan
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 175 pounds
Position: Goaltender
Catches: Left

Central Scouting rank: 2nd North American Goalies

2008-09 USN U18 NAHL 21 14 6 1 2.52 .906
2009-10 USNDT
USHL 11 6 3 1 2.21 .917

Why the Stars drafted him:

Because truth be told we don`t know if Kari Lehtonen is the answer to the question of "Who is the Stars goalie of the future ?" ... Jack will most certainly will be. All Jack does is win and if anyone saw his performance at the World Juniors this past December / Janurary, you'll know Jack is maybe the most clutch goalie that tournament has seen in years.

Was this a good pick?

Well if the first ten picks hadn't gone the way they did with the likes of Cam Fowler and Brandon Gormley being available, this would have been considered a great pick. Now though? I suppose it depends on your opinion. Did the Stars need a top elite defenseman or a top elite goalie more? You can also make the argument that if the likes of Cam and Brandon fell down to the 11th spot when they were originally pegged to go in the top 5 or 7, maybe there are a bunch of GMs that know something we didn't...

A second opinion:

From ...

Campbell does have all the tools necessary to succeed in the NHL. His butterfly style allows him to take away the bottom of the net with his pads. He possesses a quick glove and blocker that stop pucks targeted for the upper corners. A particular strength is that Campbell's upper body remains upright when he butterflies and he has great balance. This is evident when you watch Campbell make a save and then instantly square up to the rebound. Campbell is very active in the crease as he is good at moving side to side as well as skating out to take away angles and quickly retreating back to the net.