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2010 Draft Day Thread (Round 1)

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Ok lets be honest here..  No one really knows what is gonna happen at tonight's first round of the NHL draft.  Of course there are all sorts of rumors as to what teams and their GMs will do.  Sure we kind of have a good idea based on the various rumors floating around, but until announcements are made, we really don't truly know.

But that's not why you're here.. you're here to find out what will happen and then talk about it.  Thus I will present you a list of things that we know with 100% certainty* will happen:

(* = Well.. Almost 100% certain..)

  • Every single team that steps up to the podium will kill at least 30 seconds of our time by thanking the city of Los Angeles for the warm hospitality and congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Cup.  They might genuinely mean saying the first, they sure as hell won't mean the second part.
  • There will be at least one hopeless pre-teen girl in the crowd who is one day late for the Twilight movie premiere.
  • The Montreal Canadiens will speak in french when making their pick and while doing so will say something quite derogatory about the Kings and how Luc Robitaille was too good for them.  The two dozen or so french speaking people in the crowd will quietly laugh to themselves.
  • Pierre McGuire will be seen outside Staples Center as he has a restraining order on him concerning at least a dozen of the potential draft picks.
  • Gary Bettman will be booed mercilessly when he hits the stage and continuing his run of bad decisions dating back to 1993 he'll bottle up his anger over said boos which will further aggravate that condition he has with the irritating head bobble.
  • Brian Burke and his Leafs don't have a draft pick in the first round... But if there is a way he can be a jerkwad to Bryan Murray like he was last year, he'll do it...

Brian Burke & Bryan Murray - NHL Draft 2009 (via grimreeper086)

Anyway, enjoy the draft tonight and keep it tuned here for all the latest news.  You can also follow the DBD crew on Twitter if you feel like multi-tasking:  @DefendingBigD@GameTimeArt, @GravyPan@PatIversen