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Dallas Stars Rumor Roundup: Plenty of Speculation, No News

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As draft day continues and the West Coast joins the rest of us in the P.M., the loose lips and Twitter accounts of a thousand hockey media members continue churning out much of the same we've heard for days. We continue refreshing our Google News and checking our email for tantalizing new pieces of information, but the truth is that there's nothing actually happening in Los Angles that can be reported.


Heika weighs in with a discussion of the Ribeiro issue. Here is a small snippet...

I'll keep making calls, but I do not believe the Stars are close to making a trade. I keep hearing that ``nothing is imminent.''

I've also heard that if they can't get the right deal and need to go into next year with Ribeiro as the No. 2 center, they'll be fine with that.

UPDATE: 3:00pm CDT

Brandon Worley has the following, and much more here...

Joe Nieuwendyk is actively seeking a defenseman, but not necessarily by a trade that involves Ribeiro. The Stars don't appear able to pick up extra salary without trading away some pieces, so it was interesting to hear that the Stars could be looking for a defenseman without losing Ribiero.

He adds Keith Ballards name to the news, but thinks Florida isn't interested in Ribeiro. How does that work?

Check out Brandon Worley here for more on the Stars.

Globe and Mail: [recent update from Matthew Sekeres]

Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk seems to be real busy. I’ve now seen him twice in the hotel lobby. Both times he was on his cellphone, and in one instance, he was huddled with his scouts in what looked like a serious discussion. Files this under ‘things that make you go hmmmm’ and remember it later if Dallas pulls off a trade.

So at least we know that Joe is looking like Mr. Important Cell Phone Talker Guy in the lobby.


One rumor making the rounds Thursday was that Ribeiro could land in St. Louis, where former Stars GM Doug Armstrong, who acquired the center from Montreal while in Dallas, is now running the Blues. But when asked about acquiring Ribeiro, a front-office source in St. Louis said it was "unlikely."


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Ottawa Sun


Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk has been aggressive in his pursuit of a blueliner. It’s believed he’s talked to Florida (Keith Ballard) and Toronto (Tomas Kaberle). The Stars would like to move C Mike Ribiero ...

From what we've heard, the Ballard rumor is pretty unsubstantiated, and he as a NTC.


The Globe and Mail:

The Dallas Stars want a defenceman in the first round, but could be in no man’s land with the 11th pick. Gudbranson, Brandon Gormley and Cam Fowler -- the top three rearguards - will all be gone by then. U.S. junior Derek Forbort could also be gone, because teams who covet him know they have to get to pick No. 10 to secure his services. If so, the Stars would be reaching for the next best defenceman, so look for a trade or for a change of plans if that scenario plays out.

This makes more sense to me. Movement will be seen during the draft, probably not before.

The very generic TSN report...

In other news there is some buzz that the Dallas Stars, who were reportedly interesting in moving forward Mike Ribeiro at the trade deadline, may be once again shopping the talented forward.

Ribeiro has a $5 million salary cap hit and is signed for the next three seasons.

Meanwhile Mike Heika is quiet, which is how you know there is no actual NEWS to report.

We have heard a rumor of our own that the Stars are not as interested in Souray as some would suggest. We also heard another one that the Stars were definitely talking to the Oilers. This is perfectly illustrative of Draft Day. So many lips moving, so little actually being said.

Please check back with our Draft GDT later tonight.