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Joe Nieuwendyk Not Elected to 2010 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

Joe Nieuwendyk did not make into the HHOF in this, the first year of eligibility. If the Twitter rage is any indication, Stars fans are not too thrilled with the result of the committee's vote, but take solace, he will get in eventually.

We had a nice Joe Nieuwendyk retrospective ready to roll for this joyous occasion, but instead it's quiet and the frogs and crickets are making noise in the background  while we sort of twiddle our thumbs and wondering if anyone feels like celebrating long time Minnesota North Star Dino Ciccarelli's confirmation today? He was with the franchise for 9 seasons and ranks fourth all time in franchise history in points (651) and third in goals (332) according to Mike Heika.

So...there's that.

Next year will be the year. Lots of guys don't get in the first time. It's an honor generally reserved for a select few.

In case you're wondeirng, here's a description of how the voting works...

Each committee member is allowed to nominate one person in each category per year. Nominations must be submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Directors by April 15 of the nomination year. The committee then meets in June where a series of Secret ballot votes is held; any player with the support of 75% of the members of the committee present is inducted. If the maximum number of players does not receive 75% after the first round of voting, then run-off votes are held then a series of run-off votes are held. Players with less than 50% are dropped from consideration for that year and voting continues until either the maximum number of inductees is reached or all remaining nominees receive between 50% and 75%. In any given year, a maximum of four players, two builders, and one on-ice official are inducted as members. Player and on-ice officials must have been retired for a minimum of three years to be eligible for nomination.

Feel free to vent any frustrations below.

The story on the 2010 class is here, which includes Ciccarelli, Cammi Granato and Angela James.