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If Modano Plays Next Season.. It May Not Be With Dallas?

I'm sure you all were looking forward to having a hockey anxiety attack on this beautiful Monday. Allow Mike Modano to provide it for you:

"The more and more I look at the situation here, I come to believe I'm not in the scheme of things here," Modano said before going on the air with Ben & Skin on ESPN 103.3 FM at Go Fish Ocean Club as part of Lunch with a Legend on Monday. "If I had to play, I may have to look at going elsewhere."

ESPN's Richard Durrett has the full story.

Uhhh... wow.

How should we feel about this? I mean the selfish fan in all of us I am sure wants to keep Mo in nothing but a Stars jersey for his entire career. At the same time though, how can we deny the guy another year of hockey if he feels like he can still play but the Stars are ready to move on without him.

I don't know how to feel about this personally. I'm kinda torn. So I'll do the lazy blogger thing and ask you all the question...