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Stargazing: Trades Heat Up as Draft Day Approaches

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I think most of us we're enjoying a nice afternoon with our families or trying to watch a World Cup Match when all of a sudden the internet and Twitter, to borrow a phrase, "asploded" and suddenly the Nashville Predators had a grabbed a rather odd mid-Saturday spotlight  as they traded away two of their better players. One of them was signed for next season but was unlikely to be extended past that, the other was a defenseman they had already made the decision to not sign for next year. In Dan Hamhuis, there was a player we had talked about possibly targeting in Dallas this off-season, however unlikely that would be financially, and the other was Jason Arnott: Been there done that.

Stars fans saw all of this unfold, and as Art said on Twitter yesterday, began to realize that the dance is starting without us once again. The Dallas Stars seem unlikely to be involved in much wheeling and dealing. Or are they?

The Nashville Predators are the the consummate blue collar, workman like franchise that does more with less year in and year out. They don't win playoff series, but they do get there. If the Stars weren't seemingly about to get sold to rich Canadians with supposed "deep pockets", I daresay we would have our notebooks out and pencils sharpened, taking notes on what the Preds are doing and wondering if we need to be doing the same. After all, trading a high priced center to free up payroll dollars isn't exactly a conversation that is foreign to this community now, is it?

Just something to talk about this Sunday after you give your Dad his Home Depot gift card or some kind of awful tie.