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GDT: Calder Cup Game 5 Hershey @ Texas


Dear Matt Climie:

You've done well kid.  The Texas Stars couldn't have gotten this far without you.  Unlike say other backup goalies on other pro teams that earn a ton of dough and do little to earn it, you've come in at a time of great need, performed very admirably and probably locked up a roster spot (if not a great shot at the starters role) with the Texas Stars next season should you so want it.

But thee are desperate times and the Stars need to go to their ace in the hole... They need the guy who was a big reason why they got to these playoffs in the first place...   Captain James T. Kirk, please tell us who we need...


Of course this isn't 100% for sure we'll see Brent Krahn in goal...  But he was the first to leave the ice this morning during the game day skate and that's pretty much the universal sign of "This guy is starting tonight!"

Even if it is Climie over Krahn, it's not a totally bad choice because as I said.. without Climie - especially in the Hamilton series - the Stars aren't even at this point right now where we are looking at a best of three Calder Cup final series.

Game on!!