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2010 Playoff Nightcap: Gagne Puts His Foot Down and LOLuongo

Flyers 4, Bruins 3 - OT (Bruins Lead Series 3-1)

This game had more ups and downs than the stock market to be honest. When the Bruins opened the scoring, I thought it was going to be the beginning of a romp because of the way the Flyers' defense absolutely melted down on the play not just by allowing Patrice Bergeron a wide open lane to the front of the net, but because they allowed the ageless Mark Recchi to waltz in all alone and scoop up the rebound and put it over Brian Boucher.

But give the Flyers credit. Shortly after the commencement of a 4-on-4, they tied the contest on a long distance shot from the point and then carried the momentum over to the second period where Chris Pronger and Claude Giroux scored to put the Flyers up, 3-1. The latter goal was scored after Matt Carle soccered the puck over to Giroux to put it in over a sprawled Tuukka Rask.

And just when we thought the Flyers might actually be able to run away with this one, Boucher allows a puck to somehow sneak into the net after caroming in off the boards and his pads to make it 3-2. Early in the third, they knot it up.

And then Pronger scores to put Philly back ahead only to see Mark Recchi to float off to the side of the net, take a Bergeron feed, and roof it to send the game into OT.

And just when you thought Boston was primed to score the knockout blow after getting an OT PP, Philly kills it off and then Simon Gagne scores on a redirect in his first game in this series to give the Flyers a bit of life.

I still think Boston will close this series out. But it wouldn't surprise me if Philly can steal one up in Beantown to extend this to a Game 6.

Follow the jump for some "Bobby Lu" fun...

It's too bad Mike Freeman of CBS Sportsline was too busy watching Stargate. Oh well. His loss.

Blackhawks 7, Canuckleheads 4 (Blackhawks Lead Series 3-1)

And it's a well deserved nickname, considering the way Vancouver absolutely melted down in the second period.

In the first period, I wrote on Twitter that Shane O'Brien was the dumbest player in the NHL after he delivered multiple cross checks to the back of Dustin Byfuglien. I'm assuming Alex Burrows read this tweet during the first intermission as he was bound and determined in the second half to prove, without a doubt, that he's the dumbest player in the NHL. And maybe the biggest chickens*** in the league, too, after he cross checked Byfuglien in the head while the Hawks irritant was laying on the ice.

Jonathan Towes made both morons pay for this transgressions by cashing in on the power play to put Chicago up at the time, 5-2. At that point, I knew the game was over barring some kind of a miracle comeback.

You see, as much as Bobby Lu wants to believe, his Canucks are not the better team in this series. And they sure as hell haven't been playing like it in this series.

Personally, I'd shut the hell up and worry about how the hell I'm going to control my rebounds if I were you. But I'm not. And I'm a Hawks fan to boot.

So please. Keep believing whatever your little delusional mind wants to believe, Bobby.

It'll help you sleep through the summer.