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2010 NHL Playoff Nightcap: I Hope You're Enjoying The Photo Below As Much As I Am

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Vancouver: 2 - Chcago: 4 (Series Tied 1-1)

Hate is a strong word. We use it to describe that which threatens our morals, our convictions, our beliefs.

Anyways, totally sports hate Roberto Luongo.

I can't stand divas. I really can't. Luongo's antics drive me insane sometimes. I'd say 90 percent of the games I've seen the Stars score against him, he's whined about something.

"The net was dislodged!"

"Morrow's butt touched me!"

"But I'm Roberto effing Luongo! This can't happen!"

Watching Luongo man his net will result in multiple disgusted sighs and annoyed groans from me. I don't know what ever got into his head that made him think it was okay for a goaltender to complain incessantly about anything that might even POSSIBLY interfere with his goalie comfort zone, but he does it. All. The. Freaking. Time. 

So I enjoy nights like this, where we can watch Luongo give up a go-ahead goal in the waning minutes of an all-important playoff game, and then fall to the ground in despair like a young southern belle watching her dearly beloved ride away into the sunset on horseback.

Listen to me. I'm waxing poetic. (What the heck does that even mean?) I never do that. See what my disdain for Luongo has done to me? It's turned me into a poet. What a jerk.

(Guys....I really need to stop drinking coffee late at night....)

Philadelphia : 2 - Boston: 3 (Bruins Lead Series 2-0)


To be honest, I didn't even remember this game score off the top of my head. For as exciting as Game 1 was, the second installment didn't really do anything for me. Should I really be surprised? Philly's lineup is thug-infested and missing top forwards Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne. Nothing really flashy there. And Brain Boucher is in net. I mean...Brian Boucher? That's almost as exciting as watching Ladislav Nagy skate up and down the ice. The only thing keeping me interested in this series is the greatness of young Tuukka Rask. The more I watch this kid netmind, the more I become convinced he's going to be a great goaltender for a long, long time. His butterfly style is executed perfectly. He's got great quickness across the crease. Knows how to make himself big. Challenges the shot. And he's Finnish. Seriously, do they just literally create goalies in factories over there? It seems like a ton of the great young goalies nowadays are Finnish. And Rask is truly going to be the difference maker in this series.

Speaking of Finnish goaltenders, the more I keep going over highlights of Kari Lehtonen this offseason, the more I think we've got ourselves quite the goalie. Just keep that in mind, Stars fans. There is still hope!