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2010 Playoff Nightcap: Olé This!

Philadelphia: 1 - Montreal: 5 (Flyers Lead Series 2-1)

Well played Canadiens, well played.

Flyers?  Not so much.  In fact to break out an old hockey cliche, Michael Leighton could sue his defense after tonight for non-support.

Many a Habs fan decried that the series and the Canadiens themselves would come out much better at home and the did in fact do that tonight.  Michael Cammalleri led off the scoring and got things rolling for Montreal.  Roman Hamrlik was easily the best defenseman on the ice for either team but P.K. Subban wasn't far behind.  Guys like Brian Gionta and Scott Gome were solid offensively, while Maxim Lapierre and his Cheshire Cat like grin was out pest-ing the pests on the Flyers.

But maybe the biggest key to the Habs win tonight was players like Dominic Moore and Tom Pyatt who both contributed a goal and an assist each.  For Montreal to continue having success going forward, they need to have all four lines playing well. 

As for the Flyers?  Again they were the more physical team dishing out more hits in the game, but somehow that ultra physical game that works fine at Wachovia Center doesn't seem to matter as much in Bell Centre.  The Flyers were out-shot and out-chanced and seemed to have given up on the game half way into it.  They were also quite undisciplined through the game and if they are going to regain control of this series, they need to find a way to be physical but not be stupid about their play at the same time taking needless penalties and putting themselves out of position in order to make those hits.

Any-hoo, we now have a little bit more of an interesting series now in the east.  Montreal fans now have a reason to riot keep hope alive and Philly fans who just saw their team come back from being down 0-3 are hardly phased by this latest development.

Saturday night should be a great game...