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Video: Texas Avoids 3-0 Hole Against Hamilton

As I sat at my computer listening to Josh Fisher, Ralph Strangis, and the most obnoxiously (awesomely) loud goal horn in broadcast history last night, I got to wondering if any AHL teams have ever come back from a 3-0 series deficit to win it. The Flyers became just the 4th team in "North American professional sports" to do it, you'll often hear people say. But it's not really true.

Two AHL teams have come back to win playoff series after falling behind 3-0 , Rochester in 1959-60 and Adirondack in 1988-89. (Thankya Google. I can't even link to the source because it came up in search results of old newspaper articles you'd have to pay money for to see.)

Luckily, the Texas Stars won't have to try to be the 3rd AHL team to do it, because they made it 2-1 last night. (By the way, how huge is that goal? The difference between a 3-0 series and a 2-1 series is astounding.) Still, they have to consider game 4 a must win.

Here's another interesting note about the 3-0 comeback you might have seen recently here on SB Nation. Travis Hughes brought us the following note on the Bruins and their ECHL team, both of which blew it big time last week:

While they'll [The Flyers] try to become just the third team in league history to win a series after facing that scenario come Friday, the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL have beat them to history.

The Cyclones hosted the Reading Royals in Game 7 on Wednesday night, winning a defensive struggle by a 1-0 score to become the first team in ECHL history to complete the feat and just the sixth team in professional hockey history.

That two teams could complete such a comeback in the same week is weird enough, but it gets better. The Royals are the ECHL affiliate of the Boston Bruins, the team currently choking away a 3-0 lead to Philadelphia on the NHL side.

My researches seem to indicate that an IHL team has completed that comeback as well, though I couldn't tell you who it was.