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2010 Playoff Nightcap: Like Night And Day

I haven't been wanting to say it the last few nights, I maybe might not even realized it, but I'm sure I've been thinking it at least subconsciously and it wasn't until Matt Reitz over at the blog View From My Seats tweeted the following earlier tonight that I finally figured it out:

"No disrespect to the teams in the Eastern Conference, but just watching the #Canucks vs #Blackhawks makes the East look like the JV tourney"

Maybe it's the western bias speaking (I'm sure it is) but the games on the west side of the playoff bracket have been much more entertaining on a night in and night out basis than those of their eastern counterparts.  We got another example of that today as the Canucks / Blackhawks game was high paced and (for a while in the first period anyway) was quite competitive and while the Flyers / Bruins game was ok and did go to overtime, it wasn't exactly... well we'll talk about it in the first recap:

Philadelphia: 4 - Boston: 5 (OT) (Bruins Lead Series 1-0)

It's not that this game was bad by any means.. It was kinda like Matrix 2 and 3 for me in that as a fan I didn't mind what I saw, it's just that I wanted and expected so much more.  I was expecting fireworks, I got a touchy feeling out process from the two teams instead.  Now thankfully the end of the game was better and more dramatic than the start with the Flyers rallying to tie with less than ten minutes in the game and then the Hollywood ending with Marc Savard scoring in overtime...  

And about that OT goal, really Marc should be getting all kinds of love right now because he saved NBC from having to cut too much more into their pre-short-guys-using-a-whip-while-riding-horses race show and saved the NHL from yet another kick to the guy by having a network that doesn't even have to pay to have the right to show these games switch to mindless chatter about how many women with way too much money on their hands are wearing crazy hats.  (As you can tell, not much of a Kentucky Derby fan here...)

Vancouver: 5 - Chicago: 1 (Canucks Lead Series 1-0)

Before this series started, all the talk was about who the Hawks were going to park in front of Roberto Luongo in an effort to make his life miserable... Problem is the Hawks kind of forgot to take care of who would stand in front of their own net and help clear out rebounds left by Antti Niemi.

As I watched this game, it was almost a bad reminder of how the Stars season went really.  Shoddy goaltending featuring horrific rebounds and almost zero defensive coverage within a five foot radius around the Hawks net not to mention the odd sprinkle of bad giveaways and allowing odd-man rushes against.

But just like we have so many times during the last Stars season, we can also look at the Hawks offense as part of the problem because as we all know, it takes just one goal to win a game and the Hawks couldn't even manage to score more than once making all the issues on defense and in goal kind of moot in a way.

Still the Hawks did look at least a little better n the third period so there is hope for them there, but wow do they need to get that goaltending issue figured out more than anything.

And what does