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Mike Modano's Dallas Finale: News Roundup

On a sunny Thursday in Dallas that is starting to feel like a "hockey funeral," the media is turning their oft-hockey-blind eye to the little Stars and their real-life action hero, Mike Modano, who might (maybe, could be, possibly, conceivably, perhaps) be playing his last game in Texas tonight.

At this "hockey-funeral" I will be drinking heavily, much like I'd encourage people to do at my own funeral, and sports-crying in the fetal position. (I bought an extra seat so I can spread out on the floor a bit)

Kidding aside, to help you celebrate his potential last game in Dallas (don't cry), here's a roundup of some tributes and commentaries. If you find another good one, post it in the comments and I'll get it on the list.

Here is the master list...

And a series of tributes at Defending Big D: