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Stars Playoff Elimination Update

We're all taking the day off, enjoying Easter Sunday with our families and generally getting away from hockey for a bit before we come back with a vengeance tomorrow.

But I know some of you are sitting at home in your Stars jerseys, biting your finger nails and listening to the Pantera "Dallas Stars" song over and over and over again, waiting until the final waiving of the white flag when the Stars are officially, mathematically eliminated from the 2010 NHL playoff race. (I kid)

A single point earned by either the Avs or the Flames will do the job. So far today, they stay alive due to a 4-1 Chicago win over Calgary. The Sharks do battle with the Avs later tonight and will fight for the Dallas Stars playoff lives. Or not.

Enjoy the holiday and we'll be back tomorrow, hard at work.

Brad, Brandon, Art, and Pat.