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Jamie Benn and Texas Stars Meet Chelios and Vishnevskiy

What were the two best prospects in the Dallas Stars system, Jamie Benn (no longer a prospect) and Ivan Vishnevskiy (no longer a Star) meet up tonight at 7:30pm in the first game of the AHL's second round between the Chicago Wolves and the Texas Stars.

Ivan Vishnevskiy, as you well know, was traded as part of the deal to acquire Kari Lehtonen from the Atlanta Thrashers. Chicago is the AHL affiliate of the Thrashers. In 28 games with the Wolves Ivan has 2 goals and 10 assists since leaving Texas. Also in their employ is the rotting corpse of the good old good American boy man zombie Chris Chelios, who is 48 years of age.

The Stars, after sweeping their first round, have been resting for a week while waiting for the top seeded Wolves to finish out theirs in a lengthy 7 game affair.

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