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2010 Playoff Nightcap: The One Where I Long To Relive My Childhood

So for the last few nights now I've lamented how we haven't had our extra long multiple overtime periods playoff game yet this year and while it hasn't made any of the games that have gone to overtime any less thrilling, it still just doesn't feel like we're in that time of season where overtime goals carry so much dramatic weight behind them.  I have yet to get up bleary eyed at 6:30 in the morning thanks to having gone to bed at 1 am or later because I was watching hockey up until that time.

Of course staying up until 1 am isn't a big deal for me really as a fully grown adult, but when I was a kid under parental law it was huge...  It was the only time of year I was allowed to stay up as late as the game played and in the 80's it was almost a certainty you'd have one really good long game to watch well past bed time.

As a kid, I'd feel totally ripped off right about now that I didn't have that late night game... But as a full-time working adult that values his seven hours of sleep or more per night, maybe it's just as well we haven't had any of those games or else I'd make massive mistakes at my job like Dan Boyle did at his.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Washington - 5 / Montreal - 1 (Capitals Lead Series 2-1)

I should have known tonight wasn't going to be a very good night for the Habs right from the start of the night.  Fans booing the opposing national anthem is always classless to begin with, going with that lame and very tired "ole ole" soccer chant is also bad, but chanting "Ovi sucks" during play on top of all that?   Well Habs fans, I can't say as I am shocked at the result your team suffered considering all the bad karma you invited in.  I don't want to say that Montreal's loss tonight was the fans fault because it's the players on the ice and the coaches on the bench that decide these things, but ya know the fans sure didn't help.  Then again it could be that the Washington Capitals did in fact remember they are the Washington Capitals and have no business being in an even close series with the Canadiens.  Hate to say it Montreal fans, but this is the beginning of the end!

Buffalo - 1 / Boston - 2 (Bruins Lead Series 2-1)

That's more like it!  The Sabres dished out 38 hits, the Bruins hammered out 39, Johnny Boychuk only had two hits but his impression of a brick wall combined with Matt Ellis' impression of some schmuck hitting a brick wall should have counted for at least ten hits.  Tuuka Rask though is becoming the real story of this series though and is outplaying Ryan "The Real American Hero" Miller and the only thing more surprising than that is the fact all of Boston garden didn't boo Dennis Wideman when he wired home a tying goal for the Bruins in the first period.

Vancouver - 3 / Los Angeles - 5 (Kings Lead Series 2-1)

I want to focus this recap on the goal that was called back in the third period against the Canucks.  The official explination from is as follows: "Upon review, it was determined that the puck was propelled into the net by a kicking motion. This was not a deflection. The direction the puck was moving, and the force of the skate, were the determining factors in concluding no goal." -  It was a goal that looked very similar to the goal that was called back on Brenden Morrow back in game five against the San Jose Sharks and in my opinion (am I an expert?) it's just as weak a call tonight as it was two years ago and had the same very non-explaining explanation by the league back then as it does now.  The other big story from this game will be Roberto Luongo's poor play and while Canucks fans may want to gnash teeth and complain that it was the bad call by the refs that hurt the Canucks chances of winning, but 12 saves out of 16 shots when you are supposed to be an all-world clutch goalie is the real reason the Kings now lead.