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2010 Playoff Nightcap: Fit To Be Tied!

Welcome to Defending Big D's coverage of the 2010 NHL Playoffs!  Against our rather loud protests outside the NHL office in New York, the NHL has foolishly decided to continue with these playoffs even though Dallas isn't involved.  Sometimes there is no justice at all...  Anyway, every night there is playoff hockey we will walk you through a quick run around of the NHL playoffs in hopefully an entertaining and enjoyable way.

I'm sure all of you by now have seen Ottawa's Andy Sutton laying a massive hit on Jordon Leopold sending him into the middle of next month and then the epic 'argument' that followed between Sutton and some pinhead reporter that tried to squeeze in a personal biased commentary on the hit as a loaded question.

Lost in all that hoopla is the fact it was a dangerous play.  No, I'm not talking the hit on Leopold, I'm talking about the penalty box door falling open on Andy Sutton as he fell backwards after laying down the hit.  Where is the public outcry against the door I ask you?  Why hasn't Collin Campbell reviewed the tape on the penalty box and given it a three game suspension yet?  Sure the penalty box door didn't mean to swing open like that but it was a reckless play and Sutton could have seriously hurt his back or his tail bone on that play.

Is it too early to say Collin Campbell and by extension Gary Bettman has ruined yet another playoff year based on this?  This expert says no and wants to be the first to pin it on them.

Boston - 5 / Buffalo - 3 (Series Tied 1-1)

Game one was such a great, bitter affair between two heated division rivals that it was no surprise today that these two teams combined for...  12penalty minutes in game two?  The heck?!?  Where did all the hatred go? Where did the intensity go?  Where was the intense Hogan-Versus-Andre-The-Giant-like stare down between Zedno Chara and any one on the Sabres roster?  All six penalties in this game were hooking and interference calls and it was a game won by the Boston Bruins in a manner that was about as far from the "big bad Bruins" as you can get... Somewhere Derek Sanderson and Terry O'Reilly are shedding tears.  Yes I know the bottom line is winning no matter what, but for the Bruins I fully expect their wins to feature at least 50 minutes worth of penalties - half of them roughing or stronger - and anything less than that should subject one of them to a beat down from Bruins bear.

Montreal - 4 / Washington - 5 (OT) (Series Tied 1-1)

Washington for nearly two periods did it's best San Jose Sharks impression and Jose Theodore did a spot on Jose Theodore in the playoffs impression and it nearly cost them big time.  Seriously, I'm baffled at how both San Jose and Washington made it as the two best teams in the NHL during the regular season with the goaltending they've displayed the last four games they've played.  I keep thinking about how we had heard that the Caps had been interested in making a deal for Mike Modano.  At this rate I think they should have been more interested in getting Marty Turco and giving up any prospect and draft pick that GM Joe wanted.  I mean how does such a dynamic offensive team leave their Stanley Cup hopes in the hands of a notorious playoff choke artist and a second year kid?

Los Angeles - 3 / Vancouver - 2 (OT) (Series Tied 1-1)

I'm still waiting for my extra long overtime people!  Seriously, how hard would it be to get a little double overtime action here?  Anyway, this was just a funny game... Funny in that in the first period the Canucks only had two goals on four shots and yet in the second period didn't score any and in fact allowed two against.  The yuks continued in overtime when the refs missed a very obvious highstick call against the Kings but were all over the Canucks when they had seven men on the ice either going on or heading off the ice on a change when the puck was moved to the front of the Canucks bench.  The Kings then scored on the following power play.  Funny stuff right?  Funny also that the officiating crew may need help getting out of GM Place after the game...  After all, they take their hockey seriously in Vancouver...  very seriously.