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DMN: Lites, Modano Part of Local Group Looking to Purchase Stars

Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News writes on his blog this afternoon that he just got off the phone with former Stars president Jim Lites, and he can confirm that Lites, along with Modano is part of a local group trying to purchase the Dallas Stars from Tom Hicks.

The main financial entity in the group would be William J. Quinn of "Natural Gas Partners" based in Irving.

Visit Mr. Heika's blog for further details, including these:

Lites said the group received its packet that contains the finances of the Stars on Friday and already has been vetted by the league.

He said the process will take time and is just getting started.

I believe there are two other groups who have been approved by the league and I'm trying to get them confirmed right now.

He's also got some quotes from an excited Mike Modano.

This is encouraging, no? That there are three different groups in it, especially local representation like this?