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In Defense of Trevor Daley: The "Own Goal"

Sunday afternoons are for football. Even though football lasts only 5 months of the year, it's still seems to me that the other 7 months are the ones that are unusual. Things are out of place.

Anyway, in the absence of our beloved NFL, watching the Red Wings beat the Blackhawks, I spent my Sunday afternoon thinking about Mr. Daley. Trevor Daley is a favorite whipping boy of some around these parts. Unfairly, perhaps. Criticisms aimed at his defensive play are perfectly debatable. His lack of offense this year has been well documented by this blog and many others. That criticism might be well earned. I don't think that's unfair to say.

But something we all poke fun of on a regular basis might not be as true as I thought: The "own goals."

So here's a bit of a weekend time waster for you:

Because I love you, I spent Sunday afternoon watching all 203 goals against the Dallas Stars this year on's very fine video archives. After I took a couple of showers to wash the shame and loathing off me, I tallied up the Trevor Daley own goals I saw...

Follow the jump for the surprising results, and watch them in their (face-palm) glory...


Four. Only Four.

Pretty anti-climactic, I know. How can there be only four? Either the NHL video player and it's grainy video did not illustrate a couple of them demonstratively enough, or we've just been exaggerating.

Stephane Robidas had two in one game early in the season. All NHL defensemen have them. So lay off Trevor know...just a little bit.

11/28/2009 against The Lightning



11/30/2009 @ Detroit Red Wings


1/2/2010 at home against the Canucks.


Yesterday @ Penguins.