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Defending Big D's 2010 NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread

Good morning and welcome to DBD's coverage of the 2010 NHL Trade Deadline!  Stay tuned to this thread all day as we'll keep an eye on all the deals made in the NHL up to and beyond the 2 pm CST deadline.

Of course we'll be paying special attention to not only our pacific division rivals and the moves they make, but teams that the Stars are fighting with for a final playoff spot.  The Flames, Red Wings, Blues and others that are within a few points of the Stars from about 6th place to 13th.

Some thoughts to ponder as we go on with this day:

- Will last night's abomination of a game against L.A. force GM Joe's hand into any deals?

- Speaking of Nieuwendyk, this is his first Trade Deadline day as a general manager, is he more likely to not make a move and stay away from possibly being taken advantage of?

-  The Coyotes and Kings have been great this season and major surprises.. What kinds of moves will they make and will that push the Sharks into any kind of action?

- What will the other contenders do?  Chicago has cap issues, no one knows what Washington really wants, do the Devils go out and get some help on the blue line, same question for the Canucks...

- Will I be able to con someone into getting me some machine pressed hash browns from McDonalds so I don't have to leave my desk?  And will my girlfriend leave me after being fed up with all the hockey in this house from about Sunday afternoon on?  (Oh and by the way:  CAN-A-DA!!  CAN-A-DA!!)

Also keep in mind tonight we'll have a special edition of Defending Big D Live at 7:00 PM CST!  Join Brad, Brandon B and myself as we talk about today's deadline, go over the gruesome details of last night's game and speculate on what the next month will bring for your Dallas Stars!  A show link will be posted on the website later today!


To Coyotes: D - Derek Morris / To Bruins: '10 4th round pick
Seems like Morris gets moved every trade deadline doesn't it?  Still a good move for the Coyotes who help bulk up their blueline.  In a way it is kinda nice to see the Coyotes be buyers at a deadline instead of their usual role of fire-sale movers.

To Ducks: D - Aaron Ward / To Hurricanes: G - Justin Pogge & '10 4th round pick
Ducks also bulk the blue line up a bit... Is this an upgrade over Artyukhin who they moved a couple of days ago?  I'm not sure.  Ward is a better puck handler at least, but may not be quite as physical.  At the very least he can throw a punch like no one else.

To Coyotes: F - Wojtek Wolski / To Avalanche: F- Peter Mueller & F - Kevin Porter
Love this deal for Phoenix right now.  Wolski may have been frustrating for the Avs, but he is by far the most talented of the three players in this deal.  Mueller is a potentially solid player, but I'm not sold on Porter..  I see him an an AHL star, but maybe 3rd line NHL guy at best.

To Kings: F - Jeff Halpern / To Lightning: F - Teddy Purcell & '10 3rd round pick
Ouch.  Facing the Kings as we saw last night was tough enough, but to get a solid face off guy, hard working penalty killer and overall great guy Jeff Halpern in the lineup now as a depth guy?  Put him on a line with Ryan Smyth and watch them go to town.  Great move for the Kings even if Purcell may devlop in a year or two as a solid depth guy himself.