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In the West, Dallas Least Against the East

Tomorrow when the Ottawa Senators take American Airline Center Ice against the Stars, Dallas will complete it's 18 games against the Eastern Conference. They should be pretty glad to see that particular part of their schedule over, if the following is any indication.

Radio types (and blog types) are always talking about how every NHL team should visit every NHL barn. If that means increasing the number of games against the East from 18 to 30 (it was 10 two years ago) then count me out, because the Stars are the Western Conference's worst team against the other conference.

Team Record vs East Points %
Los Angeles 13-4-0 .765
Calgary 10-3-2 .733
Vancouver 13-5-0 .722
San Jose 12-4-2 .722
Nashville 11-4-2 .706
Colorado 12-5-1 .694
Chicago 10-5-2 .647
Minnesota 9-4-4 .647
Phoenix 11-6-1 .639
Detroit 8-5-3 .594
Colorado 7-5-2 .571
St. Louis 8-7-2 .529
Anaheim 8-7-2 .529
Edmonton 7-9-2 .444
Dallas 6-9-2 .411


By my count, that's 145-82-27 against the East overall. That's quite a mark for the Western Conference, and they did it all with barely any help from the Stars at all.

Follow the jump for more Friday notes, and starting netminder for tomorrow...

You have to go back to the 2003-2004 season for the last time the Stars had a sub-.500 record against the Eastern conference (6-8-4). This is another one of the many observations we'll continue making about this thing as we start to autopsy another broken season. It's painful to kick over the rock and look at what's squished underneath, but we have to do it.