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Wisniewski Gets 2 Minutes, Robidas Gets 5 and the Game?

Last night I happened upon my television at the exact right time to see the now famous, horrendous hit Wisniewski decided (and I mean premeditated) to put on Brent Seabrook as a little retribution for a hit Seabrook had made just seconds earlier.

Knowing, of course, as we all do, the latest NHL news and goings-ons, I waited for him to be thrown out of the game. I waited. And I waited.

He was given two minutes for charging.

Everyone understands the tremendous speed with which things happen on the ice and how hard it is to be an NHL referee, but seriously? Two minutes for charging? Do the confines of the NHL rule book not allow for further action by the on ice officials there?

And what the hell was Anaheim broadcaster Brian Hawyard thinking? That and the Robidas video after the jump...

Is the new rule put forth by the general managers insufficient in it's language to punish a hit like this?

When you watch the Robidas hit on Clowe that got him 5 minutes for boarding and a game misconduct, you can't help but wonder what the NHL is trying to convey with these calls. It sounds like they're saying that if you so much as touch someone from behind, it's a heinous, dangerous crime. If you take a run at someone from the front and make contact with their head, that's only worth 2 minutes?

To compare the two hits and the in-game punishments is maddening. The officials must be given more latitude to make common sense decisions on the ice in these cases.

Luckily the post-game punishments are most likely (cross your fingers?) going to rectify the situation, however belated it might be. Still, that the Ducks got to finish the game with their d-man and the Stars (and Blackhawks) did not is puzzling.

Were the circumstances and outcomes a little different, we could easily be talking about the effect this disparity had on a close playoff race. The Ducks and the Stars are both too far gone this time, however.

And finally, go to YouTube or over to Puck Daddy and watch the longer version of the Anaheim broadcast where color guy Brian Hayward actually suggests that Seabrook was swooning just to buy a call. Unbelievable.

Knowing the way they do things at The Honda Center, I guess it's just lucky that Wisniewski wasn't awarded one of the stars of the game.