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Stars Look to Avoid Letdown after Monster Win

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A look at the Stars record in games AFTER they blow someone out...

Gamblers are funny people. Take college football wagering, for example. Gamblers who study the money lines, over/unders, spreads, etc, will actually look at a schools record against the spread following a loss when the team had to travel across the country, and they'll look at that trend for the last 8 years. That might be an extreme example, but if you live in DFW and you're a Ticket listener, you hear Norm Hitzges spout off these kinds of stats all the time on Fridays during football season.

They actually look at trends that span coaching era's and whole roster turnovers. Why? It makes seemingly no sense. Neither does betting on sports, but what do I know?

In the spirit of that kind of futility and nonsense, I got to wondering how the Stars traditionally do the game after they blow someone out. The results are as encouraging as they probably are useless...


For purposes of such a discussion, I limited my research to post-lockout, regular season games only, and defined blowout as a win by 5 or more goals.

The Stars have 11 such wins in their (~4.84) seasons following the lockout.

Blowout Date Blown Out Team Score Next Game Played Next Team Played Score
10/21/2009 Predators 6-0 10/16/2009 Bruins L 0-3
2/6/2009 Rangers 10-2 2/8/2009 Predators W 4-1
12/23/2008 Maple Leafs 8-2 12/27/2008 Ducks W 4-3
3/29/2008 Kings 7-2 3/30/2008 Ducks OTL 2-3
12/26/2007 Wild 8-3 12/29/2007 Blues W 5-4
11/16/2007 Avalanche 6-1 11/19/2007 Kings W 3-0
11/5/2007 Ducks 5-0 11/7/2007 Sharks W 3-1
3/27/2007 Coyotes 6-0 3/30/2007 Red Wings W 4-3
3/5/2006 Blackhawks 7-2 3/7/2006 Oilers W 4-3
12/26/2005 St. Louis 6-1 12/27/2005 Red Wings L 1-4
11/4/2005 Blackhawks 9-1 11/5/2005 Avalanche W 3-2


8-2-1 in games after blowing out opponents since the lockout, in case you wanted to know. I'm more inclined to believe "coach speak" than gamblers. And a coach would tell you that every game stands completely alone; A new set of circumstances and a new chance to fail or succeed.

If you like this kind of nonsense, you'll be encouraged about tonight.

If you're more into common sense, you're a little more enthusiastic about Brian Boucher in goal for the Flyers. Stay tuned for a game preview later today...