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Presenting: Brandon Segal

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Some of you might be wondering why we never really took time to introduce Brandon Segal to you. I wish I could give a good reason.

We just...didn't.

In fact, my reaction when I heard the Dallas Stars had picked him up off waivers from the Los Angeles Kings was "Who?". I then shrugged and continued with whatever I was doing at the time.

Well since then, Brandon Segal has made quite an impression on Stars fans. And after his 2-point performance last night, we've decided to formally introduce Stars fans to the enigmatic Brandon Segal.

Follow the jump for a closer look at our new friend, video, and a Kings perspective on why he was out the door in L.A. ...

Segal is the definition of a 'journeyman' player. Thing is, he's only 26. He was drafted in the fourth round by the Nashville Predators. He was then traded to the Anaheim Ducks. Then he was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Last July, he signed with the Los Angeles Kings. And then the Dallas Stars picked him up off waivers in February.

Quite the journey, huh? It seems that he may have finally found a home here in Dallas, and here's why.

He's the kind of player the Stars generally like to have. First of all, he's gritty forward who will win puck battles and contribute a physical game along the boards. In that sense, the Stars knew that was what they were getting. What I don't think they knew they were getting was a forward with a scoring touch.

In 25 games with the Kings this season, Segal had only two points. One goal, one assist. In only 7 games with the Dallas Stars, Segal has 8 points. Five goals, three assists. His shot percentage is a ridiculous 45.5%.

We all love the scoring. But what I love about Brandon Segal is his honorable play and his leadership.

Check out this fight between Segal and Adam McQuaid of the Boston Bruins earlier this year ((via hockeyfightsdotcom):



It's an unwritten code in hockey that you stand up for the hits you throw. Just ask James Neal, who accepted a fight from Martin Hanzal after knocking Petr Prucha unconscious before the Olympic Break. Here, Segal bangs McQuaid into the boards, McQuaid gets angry and challenges Segal to a fight, and Segal obliges.

It's not the only time this year it's happened:


Matt Hendricks vs Brandon Segal Mar 14, 2010 (via hockeyfightsdotcom)

Here we see Segal stepping up and defending a teammate after a hard hit. These fights tell me that Brandon Segal isn't a fighter for fighting's sake. He fights when the time calls for it, and is generally responsible about it. He is the anti-Krys Barch

Now for the Kings' perspective, I asked our friends from Jewels From The Crown for their thoughts. Both Connie and Quisp considered losing Segal to be all about Richard Clune:


Kings fans hadn't seen too much of Brandon Segal before he was picked up by Dallas off waivers. I honestly hadn't thought too much of him as a player since he was essentially a roster spot filler until Richard Clune returned to the lineup. I wasn't devastated to see him go nor was I excited to see him gone from the roster. He hadn't had enough time to make a huge impact on the team one way or the other. My conclusion was that I was neutral on any topic where Segal was involved.


Probably the thing that cost Segal his spot on the Kings was that Rich Clune (whom we got from you, as you know, for the great Lauri Tukonen) was finally ready to be recalled. Clune had essentially made the team out of camp but got injured. So Clune was called up, and basically his job and Segal's overlap quite a bit. Willing to hit, willing to fight, energy, and with some offensive ability etc..

So far, Segal has made quite the splash with Dallas. Is this just a flash in the pan caused by a change in scenery, or is he really a perfect fit for this team? If he continues to impress, Brandon Segal may have just found himself a home here in Big D.

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