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Mike Heika Reports Ott and Stars Have Agreed to Framework of 4-Year Extension

Exact details, including the amount of money aren't known. But Heika does have an educated guess on what the dollar figure is.

I have not heard the salary number, but my guess is it is very close to $12 million. That was the neighborhood where both sides could come together.

Obviously, we'll stay on top of this story all day long and will update as soon as something official comes down.


Heika spoke to both parties and confirmed it's a done deal. Just needs the John Hancock's of Nieuwendyk and Ott to become official. The total deal is worth $11.8 million.

Steve Ott's take on the deal:

You have to study all of your options and you have to do what's best for yourself, but I never wanted to leave here. I've always been a part of this team and I want to end my career here.

And Nieuwendyk on Ott:

I look at this team every day and I try to figure out where we are going and what we need, and I constantly say that I want us to be a team that's hard to play against. That's something that Steve Ott gives us every game.

I think I can speak for Brad and Art by saying this is extremely good news to start the week. Ott wanted to stay here, the fans love him, the organization loves him, and even with HSG's financial issues, they found a way to get a deal done.