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Your Dallas Stars 2010 Season: Friday Evening Discussion

Unless something major happens in the next 48 hours, we here at Defending Big D will start looking at the current team, trade scenarios, the upcoming draft (never too early) and even free agency next week. It's true that the Dallas Stars are not out of the playoffs just yet, but a lot of work must be done.

In his letter to fans, Jeff Cogen says that this team will do 'whatever it takes' to build a winner. Let's pretend that this is as true as it sounds: the internal budget restrictions are lifted and the Stars are able to spend freely up to the salary cap.

Using this knowledge, what do you propose this Stars roster look like six months from now. Who is kept as a UFA, who is signed via free agency, who is traded and who is acquired?

Big game tomorrow, but until then be realistic, but have fun.