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Jeff Cogen's Letter To The Dallas Stars Fans

Dallas Stars President Jeff Cogen has sent out a letter to Stars fans, in light of the recent release confirming reports that the team is heading towards a sale.

Here it is:

To our Dallas Stars family:

By now, you have heard the news that Hicks Sports Group has hired an investment group to advise HSG and the Dallas Stars about the possibility of a sale that could involve new minority partners or a 100 percent sale of the franchise.  Joe Nieuwendyk and I want you to know that the Stars players, coaches and managers are totally focused on our goal to make the playoffs and compete for the 2010 Stanley Cup.  Ownership has instructed us to do whatever is necessary to help make that happen.  That’s exactly what we are doing.

We do not know the outcome of today’s announcement, but there are a few things we do know. The Dallas Stars franchise is one of the NHL’s marquis clubs, and you are one of the primary reasons for that.  Your commitment and strength have helped us achieve the third best record in the NHL since 1996.  We play in a great hockey building, American Airlines Center, and we truly believe that this club has been built, and is being built, in the right way.

Please know that although there may be some uncertainty as HSG’s business issues are debated, there is no ambiguity about our team’s pride and resolve to deliver excellent hockey in the coming weeks.  We will keep you informed.  Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Cogen

Dallas Stars Hockey Club