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Introducing The Defending Big D Store & Design Contest!!


I've been hinting at it for a while now, and I finally broke the news in last night's game thread, but the Defending Big D store has been officially launched! We plan to eventually have a whole store full of fun DBD shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats but I wanted to get our signature design available as soon as possible. Our "There's Still Time" motto is available as a shirt ($15.99), as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. Shirts are manufactured after they are ordered, so please allow about a week for delivery.

Go here to start shopping. You can also find our store widget on the left sidebar.

Eventually we'll have an official Defending Big D shirt, but we're still working on a new official logo for the site.

We want to have a fully stocked store and we want the designs of the shirts to come from you, our readers. These are shirts and hats you guys should wear with pride to Stars games, as well as around Dallas or wherever it is you may reside. So we're going to have a contest!

In the comments section,either describe your design idea, come up with a rough sketch in Paint and post it or even come up with actual design yourself! We'll vote on the best ones and our resident Graphic Design Artist (Ryan) will then take the top designs and fabricate the design for the shirt for the store. We can also do hats as well, so we're looking for those ideas as well. Also keep in mind that white t-shirts are a bit cheaper, and shirts with designs on both front and back are a bit more expensive.

Of course, anyone who has a design entered into our store will get a free shirt with their design.

Because of intellectual property laws, we cannot use a team's name or nickname. Instead of saying "Beat the Red Wings", you would say "Beat Detroit". This really doesn't affect the creativity of your designs, just keep that in mind.