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Roll Call: Defending Big D News & Information

As our community here continues to grow daily, I like to do a Defending Big D roll call every few months so that all of our new members and readers can get to know our well-seasoned vets.

So if you're an old-timer or a brand new reader, chime in the comments below. Let us know where you hail from and how you became a Dallas Stars fan. If you've been lurking, feel free to take a moment to become a member and let us know you're here.


Some other news today with SB Nation and Defending Big D, as we now have integrated Facebook into our network here. Now you can share your favorite stories on DBD on your Facebook page, as well as share any comments, FanPost or FanShots on your Facebook page as well.

The SB Nation tech guys have put together a great how-to on what steps need to be taken to do this, so if you are having any issues please read their guide here. If you continue to have issues, please email

For those that are new to our site here, I'd also like to point out a couple of things.

Never hesitate to comment on a thread or story. This isn't about commenting on the story itself, it's about engaging in conversation and debate with fellow Stars fans. SB Nation has the most advanced commenting technology in sports websites, we'd be amiss not to take advantage. Also, FanPosts and FanShots are your way of sharing your thoughts on the team. If you have something to say or breaking news happens, I won't hesitate to promote it to the main page. I want to hear what you have so say about the Stars as well.

You can become a fan of Defending BIg D on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter:

For those new to the site, after the jump I've included a few important links:

Defending Big D User Guide

Defending Big D Community Guidelines

FanPosts and FanShots: How-To & Posting Tips

Notes on Commenting