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Mark Cuban Interested In Becoming Minor Owner Of Dallas Stars

We hinted at this last week when the ownership news started to come out, and it appears were right..sort of.

Mark Cuban was on ESPN radio this afternoon, and stated that he is interested in becoming a minor owner of the Dallas Stars. Here are the quotes, courtesy of ESPN Dallas:

"I'm not looking to outright buy the team," Cuban said. "I have talked to somebody who is interested in buying the team and I told them I would try to help them get a deal done. From my end, I like hockey, I'm a fan, but I'm not a hockey guy. l'm not going to lie and pretend I can come in and bring the energy that I try to bring to the Mavs.

"But because they are a partner in the American Airlines Center, they are going to be a business partner no matter what. If I can help facilitate the right deal and a deal that is going to help the AAC, or help get what I think is a good deal done, I will."

"Part of the problem is that it's a cascading effect," Cuban said of potentially becoming part of a group to buy the Stars. "The [Texas] Rangers stuff has to get done first before we can really see what happens with the Stars, and the NHL is actively involved now on the Stars side, too."

A couple of things to note here. First, Mark Cuban does not appear to be interested in buying the Stars and automatically becoming the public face of the team and running the Stars with the same fervor that he does the Mavericks. At the very least, you know that he will ensure that any ownership group has the franchise's best interests at heart, since he has a stake in the sale as well.

It's also interesting to note that the NHL is actively involved in the Dallas Stars. That most likely means they are pushing and overseeing the sale of the team, now that the Tampa Bay Lightning have been sold.

An ownership change is coming. And soon.