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Video: Marc Crawford Post-game Press Conference

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Thanks to reader and friend of the blog TracyJean, here's video from the Dallas Stars post-game show that goes over in detail how the officials in last night's loss to the Blackhawks missed a blatant penalty in the final seconds of the game -- one that should have resulted in a penalty shot. What's better, is we get to see an emotional and angry Marc Crawford blow a gasket during his post-game press conference. It's amazing.

Some quick thoughts after the jump.

In a game that saw one referee call the Stars for six minor penalties, including two in the final minutes of the game, it was frustrating to see this one go uncalled. For a team that had worked so hard to get back in the game and was pressing the Blackhawks as hard as they could, you can understand when Crawford and the team lost their cool as the game ended.

It's very likely -- as Razor mentions in the video -- that Crawford's anger is also carried over from the questionable penalty call against the Stars in the final minutes against Columbus. The Stars have some frustrating building right now.

To be realistic, we all know the Stars did not deserve to win this game. They did not play well and everything we've focused on over the past two weeks haunted this team in Chicago. Yet you can't ignore the blatantly questionable officiating and how one referee, with no assistance from the other, can single-handedly end a team's comeback bid in a close game in the Western Conference.