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Stars Ups & Downs - Week 9

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Again, as was the case last week, when you have a run like the Dallas Stars have had, there isn't going to be many things to be negative or down about when it comes to looking at overall performances.  Two solid wins and a loss in a shootout makes for a pretty decent week in any NHL team's books I'd imagine.

Let's go player by player...

Goalies Trend Notes
Kari Lehtonen Was a third star in the shootout loss to Columbus, really should have been a star in the Wild game also as he stopped 28 of 31 shots against.
Andrew Raycroft Helped lead the Stars to a win over the Washington Capitals.  How much more 'up' can you get?
Trevor Daley Played through illness on Saturday, through pain on Monday and still has played as well as we've seen him in years.
Jeff Woywitka At the end of the year, should get a lot of credit for helping the Stars get through this stretch where a loss of Mark Fistric could have been much worse than it turned out.
Nicklas Grossman Dear coach Crawford: Why not give this guy and his booming slap shot a try on the power play?
Matt Niskanen Mistakes are getting fewer and farther between as his confidence in making decisions with the puck grows.
Stephane Robidas Last week I engaged in a debate with some readers as to wither or not Robi is a true #1 NHL defenseman.  While I respect other people's opinions, I still have yet to see or hear one argument to convince me otherwise.
Karlis Skrastins Much better week for Karlis topped off by goal Vs Wild - anytime he scores it's like finding a second toy in a Cracker Jack box. (That isn't a dated reference is it?)
Philip Larsen Only played the one game against the Wild but did very well with the amount of power play time he saw.
Jamie Benn No points last week and not as torrid a pace of play as we saw from him in recent weeks, but still playing well overall.  Still wondering as well what happened in that shootout attempt on Monday.
Krys Barch Saw a little playing time against the Caps, but has been held down by injury.
Tom Wandell The only thing that has us puzzled this week is how one pronounces his last name.
Adam Burish Get's an 'up' for the tattoo video alone, but on the ice - as we've documented - has made for a great tandem with Ott.
Loui Eriksson Still struggling to score.  Goal production from him would go a long way in giving the Stars a little more room for error in their games.
Brenden Morrow Like Eriksson, some more point production would be nice, but beyond that has at least been physical and playing well away from the puck.
James Neal It's almost like his shot needs to be realigned.  Misses the net far too often.
Steve Ott Benn one week, Burish the next.  Otter's playing style can pretty much compliment anyone else's at this rate.
Mike Ribeiro Powerplay goal against the Caps and assisted on Robi's game winner against the Wild.  Like most of the other Stars though, we'd sure like to see more shots on goal.
Brad Richards Had a point in all three games and continues to be almost automatic in the shootout for the Stars.
Brandon Segal Looked as surprised at anyone that his floating wrist shot was the game winning goal against the Caps... but to his credit, it was a perfectly placed shot.
Brian Sutherby Played in two of the three games this week and kept the gloves on in both... thankfully.
Aaron Gagnon Gets called up, plays in the game against the Blue Jackets and picks up an assist.  That's a nice way to fill in when needed.