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Stargazing: Will Dallas See Marty Turco in Chicago?

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Adam Burish and the Blackhawks, Marty Turco and the Dallas Stars: It's a reunion of sorts tomorrow night when Dallas and Chicago cross paths for the first time this season. Adam Burish, being in fine form on a line with Steve Ott as of late, will of course be there but as always with goaltenders it's uncertain whether or not Turco will be in net to face his old mates.

Hawks' coach Joel Quenneville told the Chicago Tribune "[Corey Crawford] is on a nice winning roll, but we’ll have to give that some consideration." Turco was signed to be the number one guy after a messy RFA arbitration and tight salary cap saw Antti Niemi leave, but rookie Corey Crawford has made quite the statement lately, winning his last six starts while Turco has won only three of his last ten starts. He hasn't won at United Center since October 27th.

Imagine Brenden Morrow camped in front of Marty Turco on the PP. Imagine Marty giving Otter a chop on the back of the leg. Actually, we have seen that one in practice more than a few times.

If Quenneville wants to win the game Crawford seems like a better bet at this juncture, but sometimes coaches play hunches. Hunches like playing a motivated Marty Turco against the team that didn't want him any more. It would be fun to watch.

[UPDATE] This speculation is already over as word out of Chicago is that Crawford will start. Too bad.


  • The Columbus Dispatch has an article titled "Last Minute Gift." I thought he must be talking about the Skrastins "penalty". I was wrong. [Dispatch]
  • Hawks fans are bemoaning the loss of Kane for a few games while Hossa is out as well. That's a lot of fire power absent from tomorrow's game, but the Stars will still have to capitalize on it in a very tough building. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Mike Heika wishes the lenders would get a sense of urgency. Don't we all. Good read. We like when we get a little opinion from Mr. Heika. [DMN]
  • The players in were mostly positive in the locker room last night, it would seem: "It was good that we were able to take the lead in the third, but they kept battling. But there are a lot of good things to take out of tonight." [Dallas Morning News]
  • Someone said to me last night on Twitter "at least the Stars get to play in front of a real crowd on the road." Not so, buddy. Not so. Last night's crowd was the smallest one the Stars have seen all year at 10,932. []
  • It's a joke that Steve Ott wasn't one of the three stars last night. I'd give you an email address so you could be a really annoying internet empowered fan but the score-sheet doesn't give a name. Just "media panel."
  • Apparently the last home game Columbus played sounded like a Penguin home game. They actually had Penguin fans ride the Zamboni at intermission. [Puck Daddy]