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Audio: Steve Ott on The Ticket

Friday afternoon Steve Ott was with Bob and Dan of KTCK 1310 The Ticket, making his appearance for his weekly radio show. As most every Stars fan knows, Ott is a very straightforward and honest guy and one of the most eloquent hockey players you'll find.

Most of us are convinced there's a future in broadcasting for Ott whenever his hockey career is over. There's a reason that Ott is likely the favorite amongst all fans right now and it's not just because of how he plays the game on the ice. He's very approachable, he's a genuinely honest guy whenever he's asked a question and whenever we get to hear him talk about hockey or the Stars it's a treat.

On Friday, Ott was asked about the recent win streak the Stars are on and he provided the backstory to something we've all been wondering about for the last year. It was a great interview.

We're going to do our best to bring you the audio of these interviews throughout the week, especially for those fans not in the Dallas area who can't catch these live.

Here's the full audio of his interview from Friday:

Note: Clicking the link will open up the audio in whichever media player is your default setting for audio.