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Philip Larsen Recalled, Could Replace Dinged-Up Daley

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The Dallas Stars Kids Club attends morning skate.
The Dallas Stars Kids Club attends morning skate.

Stars PR let the media know after morning skate and after we talked to Crawford (who said nothing about it, maybe he didn't know) that Trevor Daley left the ice early for some undisclosed reason and that Philip Larsen was being recalled immediately and could very well play tonight. Daley will be a game time decision.

In addition, Toby Petersen skated but did nothing with any pucks (his hand is bruised) and as such will not go tonight. With Barch's ankle bruise still ailing him (he'll go on IR, Crawford said), Aaron Gagnon get into the lineup and will play "mostly wing" according to Coach.

So tonight's game will certainly have some added intrigue with Larsen and Gagnon potentially in the lineup at the same time.

Brad Richards and Loui Eriksson did not skate this morning. I saw them setting up a tennis game on the event level before skate. Nothing wrong there. They were just given the option from the coaching staff. Those two do love their games.

There was good energy in the building today with so many families/kids there to watch morning skate, the most mundanely boring part of the NHL. It was the Dallas Stars Kids Club exclusive practice. They conducted player interviews on the big screen during the skate including:

  • Brenden Morrow saying he wanted an electric shaver for Christmas.
  • Steve Ott recalled a particular white Easton stick he received on Christmas in his childhood.
  • Marc Crawford pandering to the demographics in saying that the Stars winning streak was a result of doing the work and preparing, like "doing your homework for school." I thought it was a good line.