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Report: Trevor Daley Agrees to Six Year, $19.8M Contract Extension?

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UPDATE (4:51 PM):

Mike Heika has confirmed the signing, adding: 

This gives the Stars 18 players under contract for next season at about $41.3 million. If they have a budget of $45 million again, that does't leave a lot of wiggle room, and it certainly makes it tough to sign Brad Richards.

We'll obviously have much more on this signing following the game tonight, so stay tuned. 

- Pat

According to BobMcKenzie's (TSN) Twitter account, Trevor Daley has agreed to a massive six year contract extension complete with a no trade clause that kicks in next year...

@TSNBobMcKenzie Bob McKenzie
DAL defenceman Trevor Daley has agreed to a 6-year, $19.8M (cap hit of $3.3M annually) extension. NTC kicks in next season. [Link]

The $3.3 million cap hit equals the extension of Stars defenseman Stephane Robidas, done just prior to the beginning of the 2009-2010 season, and puts Daley on the Dallas blue line until the spring of 2017. His current cap hit of $2.3 million would get a full million on top of it (a 43% raise).

Until we get word from the Dallas Morning News or the Stars themselves let's treat this as a Twitter rumor, though one from a good source. No word yet on how the contract would be structured but if it's back loaded like all the rest of the Nieuwendyk deals, Daley could be making in excess of $4 million a season in actual dollars in the near future.

What does this mean for negotiating with players and spending money that will come from an owner to be determined later? We don't know, but this is a sizable deal, if true. One wonders what input the lenders and league alike had in the decision.

Did anyone have any money on a Daley extension before a Tony Tavares contract?

What do you think about this?