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Merry Christmas Stars Fans: Show us Your Stars Gifts!

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shot glass
shot glass

While not all of our readers celebrate Christmas, a lot of you do, and the rest of you probably have a day off of work because of it anyway, so we hope everyone is celebrating merrily or at least spending some quality time with your family and enjoying your day off.

Most of us have enjoyed the exchange of gifts by now and I know a lot of you got some cool Stars gear so show us in the comments or tell us about it!

I myself got a Stars ornament for the tree this year, some Dallas Stars "onesies" for my daughter, a Steve Ott "Otter" t-shirt from my sister and this little item pictured here that I am sure I can put to good use. In moderation, of course.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Stay safe and thanks for reading. We love you guys.