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Tony Tavares Spotted at Dallas Stars Game Last Night?

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According to he was. Said the site this morning "Tony Tavares was seen spotted at last night’s Dallas Stars game against the Montreal Canadiens, fueling rumors he soon could be named the next president and CEO of the Dallas hockey club."

We've talked a lot about this and it's been "expected" to happen two or three times, most notably earlier this month at the NHL Board of Governers meetings, but it never did. That he's been spotted in the building is a good sign and hopefully things are moving along. Signing him to a contract could be a tricky thing due to the nature of the process, meaning a new owner could come in and say "I'm bringing in my own team president." So Mr. Tavares may need assurances is, or perhaps he's just just studying the situation to see what, if anything, he can realistically do for this thing.

A 5-2 drubbing of the Canadiens in front of a full house is not a bad way to make an impression on the man, that's for sure. "Who couldn't sell this?", right? Right? I kid.

His hiring will not affect the day to day operations of this team much from the standpoint of the fan, but he could be instrumental in the sale process going forward and more importantly he could help clarify the possibilities of the Brad Richards situation as February approaches. The trade deadline is going to look a lot closer on the other side of New Years.

(Personally, my guess is that unless he carries around a sack of $35-$40 million dollars with him, his role in the Brad Richards proceedings may not be the boon everyone hopes. Only time will tell.)

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