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Dallas Stars Lagging in NHL All-Star Voting

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The wisdom of letting fans vote players into All-Star competitions is perhaps a little flawed. Witness 5,000,000 Chinese people voting for Yao Ming in the NBA-All Star game every year when most seasons he's spent 90% of his time injured and wearing a suit sitting behind the bench.

Witness again Sean Avery, who has garnered quite a large vote this year despite being, pardon me, an idiot and obviously less than a hockey players than dozens upon dozens behind in the voting. He's 16th among forwards ahead of Brad Richards, the Sedins, Alex Seming, etc... This makes the All-Star vote even less than a popularity contest. It's a belligerence contest between small groups of people congregating on the internet trying to seeing how far they can take their "bit".

That being said, I think we'd all like to see Brad Richards get a few more votes considering what an awesome all-around season he's having. He's tied for sixth in the overall points standings with 38 in 33 games for crying out loud.

Luckily the voting has no bearing on who's actually going to play in the game. I think it's a safe bet that Brad Richards will be there and Loui Eriksson could find himself there as well. A few more points between now and then would do Stephane Robidas some good...

Voting as of 12/21/2010

  • Brad Richards, Dallas Stars, 29,199 (44th)
  • Brenden Morrow, Dallas Stars, 12,867 (66th)
  • *-Loui Eriksson, Dallas Stars, 6,996 (79th, write-in votes)
  • Stephane Robidas, Dallas Stars, 23,949 (28th among defensemen)

Find the whole list here.

Do you feel the voting process is too arduous? As a programmer perhaps I have more of an appreciation for what the league must do to keep the bots away. It must be secure and free from tampering, but could the league make it easier? Is your knowledge that no Stars will be starters discouraging you from voting?