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Who Was the Dallas Stars Player of the Week?

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Let's try something new. "Player of the week". We'll look back at the last three or four games and decide who was the best Dallas Star. It will probably be the "Brad Richards or Kari Lehtonen?" game most weeks.

The prospect of losing Brad Richards is a truly terrifying one when one considers in just how much of the teams offense he's involved. He single handedly beat Columbus this week. His goal in the first period of last night's Detroit game got the comeback started. He's the focal point of the power play. He makes Loui Eriksson and James Neal All-Star caliber players. He's the man, and this week was no exception.

Brenden Morrow busted a goal slump, busted his nose, and led his team three wins in three Western Conference road games last week. He's played some of his most inspired hockey this week since perhaps the spring of 2008, and had surgery on his nose right in the middle of it. His physicality has not relented and the fishbowl-visor hasn't affected him at all. He's truly "the captain" again.

Loui Eriksson was lagging in this race Sunday morning but a goal (an overtime winning goal in Detroit, no less) and two assists last night at the Joe puts him squarely in the running for Dallas Stars player of the week, not to mention he has the overall points lead for the last four games...

Goals Assists Points +/-
Brad Richards 3 0 3 +1
Brenden Morrow 3 1 4 0
Loui Eriksson

All three of them were clutch last week, but Brenden Morrow has the "play through pain" thing on his side, making this vote a bit of a formality, me thinks, but vote we shall...