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Dallas Stars Power Ranking Roundup: Week 8

We're trying out a new feature here at DBD: Power Ranking Roundup. It's a totally original idea that isn't being done anywhere else. #sarcasm

Turns out this a lot more fun to look at when the team is doing well, but the mediocre rankings might surprise you when you see some of the teams (like the Kings in many cases) still ranked higher than Dallas on a lot of these sites.

Meaningless though it is, it's still interesting to see how the Stars are viewed through the national lens. Solution: Beat the Capitals tonight and watch that change. Even still, all anyone will want to talk about is Brad Richards...

(Format stolen rather blatantly from the greatness of Japers Rink. Give them a click.)

Site This Week Last Week What They're Saying
They don't seem very impressed.

This guy values a home and home sweep with the Blues, being in the Central as the BJ's are.

19 I'm starting to think some of these would have been higher if they had done them after the Hurricanes game.
Somehow the Blues, who the Stars just beat twice, hold on to their #8 spot just behind Dallas.
They don't like the Stars inconsistency but moved them up anyway.
11 We moved the Stars up to 5th from 11th in the West. I voted before Carolina game, so don't get mad at me.
Stars fans know Jamie Benn was the bigger story last week and people (like sportsnet) keep talking about Brad Richards.
Logo_-_versus_medium 7
Versus has their power rankings in a maddening slide show format that makes me not want to go there any more.
Tsn_logo_medium  14
TSN also just starts chattering about Brad Richards. This is becoming bothersome. At least no one made a Kari Lehtonen health joke this week.

Click on logos for links to full power rankings.