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Video: Sestito Blindsides Nick Grossman

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"A lateral, back pressure or blind-side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or is the principal point of contact is not permitted. A violation of the above will result in a minor or major penalty and shall be reviewed for possible supplemental discipline."

-NHL rule book

"See ya, you're getting suspended"

-Darryl "Razor" Reaugh

I don't personally like complaining about officiating. I think it's unbecoming of a blog and a fanbase in general. I think we can all agree, though sometimes begrudgingly, that calls even out over the long run of 82 games. Tonight's call of goaltender interference on Columbus was not a good one, for instance. The Stars had some calls go against them in contrast...does it all even out? Maybe. Is that the way it supposed to be and should the integrity of the game and it's officials be absolved by "Oh well, two wrongs make a right?"

Not always.

Here's the elbow on Nicklas Grossman by Tom Sestito. Razor's quote says it all.