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Stargazing: Stars G Bachman Ruins "Teddy Bear Toss" in San Antonio with Shutout?

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Evidently over 6,000 fans of the San Antonio Rampage were poised to throw thousands of teddy bears on the ice last night when their team scored it's first goal. The problem was that Richard Bachman, Stars prospect, wouldn't let them. He turned aside all 41 shots he faced in recording a 3-0 shutout for the boys from Cedar Park.

Imagine the children, clutching their bears in anticipation, having been told they were going to fling them on the ice when that first SA goal was scored. And it never came. It's heart-warming, really ;)

They eventually did throw them at the end of the game, perhaps in disgust. We just like to see Bachman doing well. "I felt kinda bad about it, actually," said Bachman after the game. I wouldn't. Thanks to Hundred Degree Hockey for the heads up.

I'm betting the spectacle was nothing compared to this "Calgary Hitmen" teddy bear toss.


  • Interesting note here from the NY Times. Apparently revenue sharing may change and teams that had previously been designated "lower profile" teams but are in very large television markets (Anaheim, NYI, the Devils) will NOT be eligible for revenue sharing they had previous been receiving. What does that mean for the Ducks? I have no idea, but I'm a fan of them having less income, I'll tell you that. [NY Times]
  • The Red Wings purposefully re-scheduled Osgoods next start away from the Chicago game last night and to the Stars at home on Sunday so he could go for win #400 at home. [Free Press]
  • Heika on Brenden's broken nose not slowing him down. [DMN]
  • C. Bob started a fun topic of discussion, naming his "all-time Stars roster." [Fanshot]
  • The Stars will see Garon in net tonight again in Columbus because their other netminder Mason needs some therapy. Seriously. [Blue Jackets Xtra]
  • "The maturation of the hockey pest." Sounds like a good place to include Steve Ott, but alas, no. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Texas Stars face the Hamilton Bulldogs today for the first time since beating them in game 7 of the Western Conference (AHL) Finals last summer. I can still hear that homerific play by play guy yelling at me. Beat Hamilton! [Hundred Degree Hockey]