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Poll: Start Lehtonen or Raycroft in Columbus, Detroit?

Pardon our lack of content on this fine Friday afternoon but I must admit the Christmas season is taking hold of my life. Combine the "wrapping things up for the year" feel around the office with gift buying and whatnot with a loss last night and the fact that's it's Friday... and that's what you get.

But there's plenty of Stars action in a very, very important two game road swing to Ohio and Michigan this weekend. The only question is: Who starts in goal on Saturday and who starts on Sunday?

For some reason, Marc Crawford won't tell us. [Dallas Morning News]. He prefers to keep it a bit of a secret. Perhaps he himself has not yet decided. Perhaps they're waiting to see how Kari's back feels, or how the standings shake out tonight. They are paying extra close attention to the standings. Everyone is.

Not that one of these goaltenders gives you a better chance than the other right now (Raycroft has proved that recently) but which of these games is it more important to win? The Columbus game, I would say. They're a team you're more likely to be fighting with for the 7th, 8th, 9th seed in March, right? The Red Wings are going to be up on their first place perch, mostly likely. The most optimistic of you can talk about challenging the Wings for first, but in the end taking points away from Columbus is PROBABLY going to be more important.

So I think you need to start Kari there. Lots of arguments can be made for going with one or the other. Should they not playing two games in a row this soon to rest him?

Coach also said Niskanen and Barch would see action but declined to say when.