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Dallas Stars Power Ranking Roundup: Week 10

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We're trying out a new feature here at DBD: Power Ranking Roundup. It's a totally original idea that isn't being done anywhere else. #sarcasm

A bad stretch of four games, including an unimpressive win against the Canes at home sees the Stars fall three or four spots in most rankings, but with a big win in San Jose already in the books this week and another meeting on Thursday, there's definite opportunity to move right back on up with a good week.

Of course they'll have just finished at the Joe on Sunday night when these will all be recalculated, so we can guess pretty well what the sentiment will be on Monday morning. Several places this week said that the home and home with SJ would tell us a lot about the team, but I think the back to back with CBJ and DET will tell us a great deal more.

Shockingly few Brad Richards trade mentions this week.

Site This Week Last Week What They're Saying
Their road play drops them 5 places at CBS. Hard to argue.

Always the tone of surprise. Stars move up here despite and ugly week in CBJ, CHI and PHX. Goes to show you how many people are really watching.

They say a home and home with the Sharks (who are worse than the Stars) will really tell them something. Indeed.
They mention the power play as a reason for the Stars poor week.
A generic comment about their upcoming schedule offers zero insight whatsoever, right or wrong. Weird.
They're not actually posted anywhere yet, but I've seen the ballot and the Stars will be third.
They mention that Marc Crawford was fined 10k last week for the Chicago tirade. Boy, that was kept quiet.
Logo_-_versus_medium 10
At least we know Versus was actually paying attention to what happened with the Stars last week.
Tsn_logo_medium  9
TSN's not so sure about this whole Raycroft thing. Good thing it looks like Lehtonen will be back tomorrow night when the Sharks come to the AAC.

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