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Stargazing: Stars Get Two Well Deserved Days Off

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We did a lot of complaining about lengthy breaks in the action in October and November this year but the tables have turned and we find ourselves wishing these guys could get a little time to lick their wounds and get some practice time in.

Good news, they have two days between games! (and the Sharks, who play in Nashville tomorrow, do not.) Yes, if my internet stalking is any good, it looks like the Stars stayed the night in California and flew back to Dallas this afternoon, getting a well deserved day away off the ice after playing five games in five different cities in only eight nights. They have played seven games in twelve nights over-all to start December, going 4-2-1 in that stretch and maintaining the slimmest of leads in the Pacific Division.

It's back to the grind, however, after this brief respite. Five more games in eight nights await the Stars before Christmas, including the daunting back to back in Columbus and Detroit this Saturday/Sunday. Thursday night against the Sharks is the halfway mark of this, their busiest month. Come out and cheer them on to a 5-2-1 start to December, we hope.

Afternoon reading, in the mean time...


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  • Some overhead shots of the shootout goal that wasn't. Still inconclusive visual evidence, but I think everyone can agree that puck was in the net. Tough break for the Sharks there but this has been the month of the tough call for the Stars. []
  • Enjoy these standings while they last. They're so pretty.
  • Stepneski has a good prospect update, including a greatly improved Jack Campbell [ESPN Dallas]
  • Humorous post about the history of the shootout, including dumb "every Texan carries a gun" references. [National Post]
  • Craig Ludwig is endorsing some new nutritional supplements or something, if you like that sort of thing. [prnewswire]
  • Somehow, some way, Brad Richards has never played in an All-Star game. [Heika]
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