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Stargazing: DBD Reader gets Dallas Stars Tattoo

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One of our very, very favorite readers, @HappyGirl1029 made a bit of a promise earlier this season. Armed with a devout and ardent dedication to her fandom and the knowledge that the Stars were the only team in the league that couldn't win three games in a row last season, she pledged to get a Dallas Stars tattoo if the team could win FIVE games in a row this season.

And then they did. In fact, they won six games in a row.

Now, no one would have blamed her for backing out. A tattoo is not something to be taken lightly and is a decision one lives with for the rest of their days, but to her everlasting credit she did it this weekend and you see the finished product displayed here. That's dedication!

She had a little help with the design, of course, because thanks to the awesomeness of Twitter and the Dallas Stars organization, Steve Ott and Adam Burish made a video helping her decide what to get and clearly their advice did not fall on deaf ears. You can see that video and discussion here.

Find her blog on the tattoo here.

It all goes to show you once again that the hockey blogosphere/online community is the best in sports. Well done, all those involved. Hopefully, HG, the Stars will not make your sacrifice in vain and will win five in a row again this year on their way to the playoffs.


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