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Video: Jere Lehtinen Tribute and Ovation

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A very special moment...

For a very special player. He looks content with his decision, and he was obviously touched by this. It was the least we could do. It seemed only fitting that he get his moment in the sun, as it were, like Mike did in April. No offense to Jere, but we honestly thought he'd come back and that was Mike's special night, though, he says it was special to him too. (Especially with that shootout goal and the assist.)

If you were lucky enough (smart enough?) to be in the building you got to solute a true class act. We hope he'll stay with the organization in some form or fashion. He has so much to teach young players and by his own admission wants to give back to the game that gave him so much over the years. I am truly sad to see him go, and I lament the fact that we never had any of these moments with Sergei Zubov.

Hopefully we will some day.