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Audio: Steve Ott on The Ticket

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Dan McDowell went sadly missing from today's edition of BaD Radio thanks to early retirement. But the show went on with Bob Sturm, Donovan Lewis, and Stars forward Steve Ott carrying on with a heavy heart on Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket.

Among the topics today:

  • Officiating...very briefly
  • How great it is that Chicago's a hockey town, again
  • How much it sucked that he didn't face his old buddy, Marty Turco
  • Steve Ott touching on his past as a Canadian military brat remembering the first game he attended in Winnipeg and how much it sucks the Jets had to move
  • Keeping to the code and how Chicago's Jack Dowell did good by Otter by not punching him when he was down on one knee in a vulnerable position Wednesday night
  • And some good news regarding Dan at the end

You can listen to the show in its' entirety here.